Water cooler chat with Eduard Elias, co-founder of Cycas Hospitality

Water cooler chat with Eduard Elias, co-founder of Cycas Hospitality

Describe your role in one sentence? As the co-founder of Cycas Hospitality, my role is to find the right investment partners and structure hotel transactions, so we can secure properties in the best locations.

Where do you see Cycas in the next 10 years? It’s certainly been an eventful but exciting ten years. We started in the financial crisis which not only brought us challenges but also great opportunities. I’m hugely proud of our reputation as one of the leading players in the extended-stay sector and for the role we’ve played in popularising double-decker hotels. Over the next decade we plan to grow our portfolio of internationally-recognised brands still further as we further expand across Europe, becoming a leading player in our industry.

Why expand your team now? Given our ambition to triple our portfolio of managed hotels across Europe over the next few years, now’s the right time to ensure we have the best team and support structure in place to make these dreams reality. In 2018 alone we opened five hotels and signed eight deals across France, Belgium, Germany and the UK, so we’re definitely on the right track.

What industry trends excite you most?  One thing I see more and more when I’m travelling is how the lines between how we live and work, and how hotels fit within this, are becoming more blurred than ever. I’m certain this trend will help influence the future of the hospitality industry, as well as future urban development, creating opportunities for new styles of accommodation and continued growth in the extended-stay sector.

Where’s Cycas’s next focus? Whilst aparthotels now account for 13 of our 23 properties, we’re also becoming increasingly known for successfully running more ‘traditional’ hotels. The Cycas portfolio now covers five European countries, so our plan is to bring our distinctive people-focused culture to even more hotels across the continent so we can continue to wow investors and guests alike.

The Fun Five

What makes you smile? Another smile! They’re infectious and a smile always makes the world a little bit better.

What’s your proudest Cycas moment?  Probably when our team won the Best Employer Catey Award last year. To be crowned the top UK hospitality employer in the same year Cycas turned ten was a massive honour and an extra good reason to celebrate our birthday.

Where would we find you at the weekend? Every Sunday I take over the kitchen at home and conjure up an Indonesian or BBQ feast, making an enormous mess and using everything in sight! But fortunately, my family and guests assure me it always tastes pretty good.

What’s your motto in life? Where’s there’s a will, there’s a way.

What would the industry be most surprised to discover about you? Human rights are very dear to my heart. My wife and I have been involved in fundraising for this cause, so we support organisations helping those in societies that aren’t as open and free as ours.

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