Jelle Martens

General Counsel & Company Secretary

Jelle became part of the Cycas Hospitality team in 2015, having previously managed the legal department of a Dutch international property financier. He brought with him a wealth of experience, particularly of handling major restructurings in the real estate sector in the midst of challenging economic conditions.

Here at Cycas he’s responsible for organisation, utilising a rigorous approach to structure, filing and cross-referencing in order to ensure the smooth and efficient delivery of front line activities. Much to the relief of our business associates, he firmly believes that contracts should avoid legal jargon and padding in favour of clear and unambiguous language. Thanks to him, Cycas contracts set out what is practical, possible and workable for all parties.

When not busy with Cycas, Jelle likes to devote time to charitable matters, and in 2018 joined the board of Workplace Pride – the international platform for LGBTI inclusion at work. When studying for his Law degree in Maastricht, he had little idea that his eventual involvement in hospitality would mean eating out and taking holidays became valuable sources of fresh insight.