Welcome to Cycas Hospitality

We are a hotel management company that prides ourselves on making a difference by being different.


We combine hands on expertise in hospitality, particularly within the extended stay sector, with in depth knowledge of real estate. From the initial concept of a new hotel, to guests checking out with a smile on their face, we have the experience, expertise and talent to get things right.

Our objective?

To provide a service that exceeds the expectations of everyone involved and to deliver a healthy profit – turning everyone who

knows us into a cheerleader for our company. Our unique working environment and service levels help to generate equally impressive returns on investments.


We approach the job of hotel management in an unconventional manner. We run at it full speed, laughing out loud at all the fun we’re having. Our team; “The Cycadettes”, race to work every day knowing they’ve got just two tasks; to make guests happy, and then to make them very happy.

Our mission

We want to please people and spread happiness.

Where do we want to spread happiness? In every part of our business. Who do we want to please? Every person involved within our business. We’ll do this by:

  • Seducing guests with service that’s simply too good for words, except the word ‘totally outrageous’ (yes, we know that’s two words, we break the rules as well).
  • Wowing investors by delivering results that are even better than they expected.

Our values

We make working hard look like fun, whilst having a huge amount of fun working hard and delivering success and results.




We take having fun seriously.



No matter how good we are, we’re always trying to be better.



Our ethics run through everything we do.



To each other and everyone we interact with.



For all our actions in everything we do for guests, our colleagues and our investors.

Impressively Commercial

Impressively Commercial

Having fun getting results is great. Getting great results is the most fun of all.


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